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PC has a six-step process to walk each client through who is committed to to growing their business.

  1. Analysis of the leadership and vision of the firm.
  2. An evaluation of the dangers, opportunities, and strengths pursuant to that client's business.
  3. Developing an overview of the unique abilities of all key personnel involved with the various divisions or departments of the company.
  4. Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the business itself including: industry trends, unique value proposition, marketing and implementation strategies.
  5. A review of the level of efficiency and profitability of the business including how much of the excess earnings of the business could be transferred to a buyer upon exit.
  6. Partner net-worth assessment to bring into focus the partners exposure on the personal side to the ebbs and flows of the business itself. Life after sale brings new priorities both lifestyle and financial that will be examined.



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    Market Volatility

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    Charitable Giving

    In this webinar we discuss gifting to public charities, donor advised funds, and 501(c)(3) organizations and different strategies for each.

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    Where to Stash Your Cash

    In this webinar we discuss how much to have in your emergency fund, and where to invest it with easy liquidity and interest rates in mind.

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