A Trusted Fiduciary Financial Partner for Every Stage of Life

At Pennsylvania Capital Management, we take pride in our responsibility as fiduciary wealth advisors. We partner with high-net-worth individuals and their families to deliver Fiduciary Financial Planning Solutions and Comprehensive Investment Guidance. We stand by your side throughout the life-changing events you experience while providing comfort, confidence, and clarity.

Innovative Financial Strategies

Personalized Fiduciary Guidance

Holistic Wealth Planning


We're here to make sure you get what you want out of life.

As your professional fiduciary financial advisor and wealth manager, Pennsylvania Capital Management will function as your family’s personal CFO and Advisor on the unique financial challenges high-net-worth individuals face on a daily basis, from tax planning and investment strategy to retirement planning and legacy building.

Over the past 29 years, we have earned the trust of hundreds of wealthy individuals and families who recognize the value of having a knowledgeable, experienced partner to help guide their financial decisions throughout every stage in life.

From negotiating big expenses on your behalf to implementing high-net-worth investment strategies to ensuring future generations are adequately provided for, our mission is to empower you and your family to achieve your short-term financial goals and solidify your long-term financial health.

Financial Planning

Fiduciary Financial Planning

As fiduciary financial planners, we have a legal duty to act in our clients’ best interests, ensuring unbiased advice and prioritizing our clients' financial well-being. We take an in-depth approach, crafting a plan with your unique goals in mind.

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Financial Planning

Estate Planning

PCM offers comprehensive estate planning for high-net-worth individuals, focusing on maximizing value, minimizing taxes, and fulfilling personal wishes. Our tailored strategies ensure the preservation and efficient transfer of wealth across generations, addressing your unique needs and goals.

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Financial Planning

Tax Planning

Our tax planning service for high-net-worth individuals focuses on minimizing income, estate, and gift taxes through strategic investments, charitable contributions, and trust structures. As fiduciary financial advisors, we regularly review your personalized plan to ensure your tax strategies align with changing laws and your financial goals.

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Financial Planning

Masterful Negotiation

At PCM, we stretch beyond conventional financial services provided by wealth advisory firms. With us on your team, we use our knowledge of the markets to save you time and money by negotiating on your behalf to ensure you receive the best value on major purchases, from appliances to vehicles to real estate.

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Financial Planning

Business Planning

Pennsylvania Capital Management offers a six-step process to help clients start and grow successful businesses. Our comprehensive approach ensures both business success and personal financial stability throughout the life of your business.

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Financial Planning

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Our Comprehensive Wealth Management service offers advanced financial planning, investment consulting, and risk management to grow and protect your assets. We provide personalized fiduciary advice to help you align your financial strategies with your personal goals while building a strong family legacy.

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Financial Planning

Vetted Professional Network

At PCM, not only do you benefit from our experienced investment team, but you also gain access to our vetted network of professionals dedicated to simplifying many aspects of your life. Letting our team and network assist you gives you more time to enjoy what matters most, with valuable support for any major questions or concerns.

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Financial Planning

Investor Education

We believe that an educated investor is a powerful investor. Here, we take the time to ensure you have the knowledge to make informed investment decisions. We help you understand your personalized investment strategies and how they will help you reach your financial goals and build a more comfortable future.

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Whatever journey you're on...we're with you.

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I want to travel the world.

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I want to retire early with peace of mind.

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I want to feel secure about our health care needs as we get older.


I want to turn over our family business to my children.

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I want to be sure my kids have a great college experience.

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World Class Fiduciary Financial Advisors

We do this because we are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Seeing the excitement, joy, and satisfaction on the faces of our clients when our work positively impacts their financial health is what motivates us.

At Pennsylvania Capital Management, we believe it takes a deeply personal understanding that reaches far beyond simple investment consulting. It requires a comprehensive approach tailored to the needs of high income earners with a focus on wealth enhancement, tax mitigation, asset protection, estate and legacy planning, charitable giving, and retirement planning, including business exit and succession planning.

The strategic partnership that will help you make lots more money and create your ideal life

Who's On Your Dream Team?

Live The Life You Want!


What happens when the world around you is spinning with so many questions, hurdles, and problems? How do you get to live the life you have always dreamed of—and reach the goals that you and your family desire? The answer, says author Irvin Schorsch, is through finding the right kind of family-focused fiduciary firm that can be a trusted partner to help you in all aspects of life.

Who’s On Your Dream Team? will show you how the right kind of fiduciary firm can help you increase your wealth, decrease your stress, and take charge of your time to ensure you meet all of your goals and live the life you’ve always wanted.

More by Irvin Schorsch

Reinvent Rich

How to Make More Money, More Moments, and More Meaning in Life


We live in a world of false financial promises (Hello, Powerball!) and day-to-day temptations (You could buy a house with all you've spent at the coffee shop!) that threaten the long-term security of our bank accounts. But we also have a great opportunity to increase our income, to spend money on things that truly make us happy, and to build our family's fortune.

In Reinvent Rich, Irvin Schorsch gives you the inside scoop on how to live a happy, satisfied, AND lucrative life. He takes a holistic approach to finances by explaining the relationship between money, life satisfaction, and having the financial freedom to follow your passions.

Meet The Founder

“My entrepreneurial vision was to build a firm centered on the client, first and foremost, and to help people crystallize their thinking about the future of their lives and financial goals.”


Irvin G. Schorsch III

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At Pennsylvania Capital Management, we believe it takes a deeply personal understanding that reaches far beyond simple investment consulting. It requires a comprehensive approach to wealth enhancement, tax mitigation, wealth protection, wealth transfer, charitable giving and even business exit and succession planning.

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