Building Your Tomorrow, Together

At Pennsylvania Capital Management we Partner with Successful Families and Individuals to deliver Financial Planning Solutions and Investment Guidance; Prior to, During and After the Life-changing Events they experience while providing Comfort, Confidence and Clarity.

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Our Success is Measured by the Attainment of your Family's Important Financial Goals

Pennsylvania Capital Management will function as your family’s personal CFO and advisor on important issues in life. We work with successful families who are on their own personal journey, and help empower them by developing a clear road map together. Our goal is to build our clients’ confidence and success, as well as support their lifestyle and facilitate the achievement of the goals and dreams they hold dear.

We're here to make sure you get what you want out of life.

  • No two clients are the same

    After more than two decades as an independent advisory firm, we have never encountered two clients who are exactly the same. We have found that every client’s needs change dramatically over the years. We have assembled the right staffing, the right resources, and the right processes to allow us to spend the time to get to know our clients on a deeply personal level, before we address their financial goals and concerns.

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  • Our Team

    World Class Guidance

    At Pennsylvania Capital Management, we believe it takes a deeply personal understanding that reaches far beyond simple investment consulting. It requires a comprehensive approach to wealth enhancement, tax mitigation, wealth protection, wealth transfer, charitable giving and even business exit and succession planning.

    As a truly independent advisory firm, we place our client’s best interests above our own, and are free to recommend the best products, solutions and outside expertise available. We are passionate about you, your family and your goals.

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Informed Investors are Successful Investors

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  • “My entrepreneurial vision was to build a firm centered on the client, first and foremost, and to help people crystallize their thinking about the future of their lives and financial goals.”

    Irvin G. Schorsch III

    Founder & President
    Pennsylvania Capital Management

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