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Repaying College Debt and Growing Wealth

Posted by: Irvin G. Schorsch III

With the outlook for college graduates improving each year, graduates are able to land a first-time job and pay off college debt much faster than those in recent years. The National Association of College and Employers projects that 9.6 percent more graduates will be hired from the class of 2015 than were hired from the class of 2014. This hiring increase continues to rise year after year, since late 2002 when the group began to survey employers and graduates.


How Not to Become the Financial Caregiver Once Kids Grow Up

Posted by: Irvin G. Schorsch III

You may have known what to expect when you were expecting, what to expect during the toddler years and how to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk. But parenting experts never addressed what to do when your adult child asks you for financial help. It’s an unfortunate trend, but according to the National Endowment for Financial Education, nearly 60 percent of parents provide financial support to their adult children


What to Do When Skyrocketing College Costs Put You to the Test

Posted by: Irvin G. Schorsch III

Being unprepared for class is one of the most common nightmares, however, an inability to pay the tuition bill can be even more frightening. Rising costs and diminished portfolios are putting many parents to the test. If you’re cramming to prepare to cover the cost of college, here are five tips you must keep in mind:


Failure to Launch: How to Help a Boomerang Child

Posted by: Irvin G. Schorsch III

Remember the comedy film, “Failure to Launch,” where Matthew McConaughey played Tripp, a 35-year-old slacker living at home? That was back in 2006, when unemployment was below five percent, the real estate bubble was still inflating and the term “boomerang generation” had yet to become a household word.