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Navigating The Secure Act

Navigating the Secure Act

In this webinar we discuss Required Minimum Distributions from IRAs

Webinar: ABCs of Medicare

ABCs of Medicare

In this webinar, Lesley, Andrew & Chris walk through the basics of Medicare.

Creating win-wins in life can make your day!

Last week I flew out to the West Coast for a business trip. My first stop was in Los Angeles and then I traveled on down to my conference at […]

January 2017 PCM Newsletter

Surprise! Who would have thought that the election of our new President would have such a dramatic impact on the markets, 60 days before the inauguration? Media and investors alike […]

Irvin’s Ireland Lottery Interview

I received a call from Emma Cawley, a radio producer from Newstalk Radio Ireland, based out of Dublin. Emma had previously seen one of my articles on Sudden Wealth Syndrome […]

Eight Keys to a Happy, Prosperous Retirement

This is the time of year when I like to do a little reflecting about what went well in 2015, what didn’t go so well and what I’m thankful for. […]

Retirement by Design: Negotiating Your Second Act

Regardless of chronological age, boomers are an intrinsically youthful generation–and we all like to–talk about our generation any chance we get. Since an increasing percentage of the American population is […]

How to Have the (Second) Career of Your Dreams

“Question: How will we fund the independence we dreamed of in our retirement? Given the volatile economic climate, the road to retirement has never been bumpier. Many Americans are underwater […]