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Elderly couple deciding to retire

Deciding to Retire: 2 Main Benefits of Retired Life

Are you deciding to retire? I’m often asked: “Why retire at all?” I never want to retire. As my dad used to say, “I hope they carry me out in […]

Seniors preparing for retirement

Preparing For Retirement: 3 Financial Decisions You Need To Make

When preparing for retirement, there are some critical financial decisions everyone looking down the barrel of this transitory time in life must make. As you work to create your overall […]

What to consider before retiring

What to Consider Before Retiring: 3 Cons of Traditional Retirement

Many people wonder, “When is the right time to retire?” This is one factor in a long list of what to consider before retiring. But if you ask me, the […]

How to negotiate a deal

How to Negotiate (& Save More Money)

As we already know, creating long-term wealth is about increasing our inflow and decreasing our outflow, and being smart about how we manage those two financial pipes going in and […]

Financial experts making decisions

4 Financial Experts Everyone Needs On Their Team

Some things in life are better done solo, like reading. Meditating. Using the restroom. In virtually all facets of life, the best approach is to adopt a team mentality. We […]

Avoiding financial fraud online

Avoid Financial Fraud: 5 Strategies To Protect You From Scams

Even if you’re a good person, your online presence isn’t guaranteed to be safe from cybercriminals. Neither is your bank card at the gas pump or supermarket. You may have […]

Two retired people enjoying life

When to Retire: Redefining the Definition of Retirement

Do you know when to retire? When we think about retirement, a lot of people have opinions about the right timing — and the wrong timing. Answering this question can […]

How to Save Money for Retirement in a Volatile Market

How to Save Money for Retirement in a Volatile Market

If you think putting money into an account like a 401k or IRA is one of the best ways to save money for retirement, there are some important things to […]

How to Plan for Retirement: Making Your Retirement Budget Last

Retirement isn’t a mandate, but it is a benchmark that many people hope to reach at some point during their lifetime. Depending on when you retire, you may have a […]

Stay Active in Retirement

What to Do In Retirement – Life Doesn’t Stop At 65

I often am inundated with questions like, “How do I prepare for retirement?”  There are a number of books you can read, and websites you can visit – there’s a […]