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Preparing Your Children, and Your Wallet for College… Sure-Fire Strategies To Lessen the Financial Pain

You just can’t rush into some things or leave them to chance. Preparing your son or daughter for college is one of them. The cost of a college education is […]

Retirement by Design: Negotiating Your Second Act

Regardless of chronological age, boomers are an intrinsically youthful generation–and we all like to–talk about our generation any chance we get. Since an increasing percentage of the American population is […]

How to Have the (Second) Career of Your Dreams

“Question: How will we fund the independence we dreamed of in our retirement? Given the volatile economic climate, the road to retirement has never been bumpier. Many Americans are underwater […]

Life After College

“What do young adults need after graduating college? A steady, well-paying job would be nice — but as we all know, such entry-level positions have been few and far between […]