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Creating win-wins in life can make your day!

Last week I flew out to the West Coast for a business trip. My first stop was in Los Angeles and then I traveled on down to my conference at […]

January 2017 PCM Newsletter

Surprise! Who would have thought that the election of our new President would have such a dramatic impact on the markets, 60 days before the inauguration? Media and investors alike […]

Irvin’s Ireland Lottery Interview

I received a call from Emma Cawley, a radio producer from Newstalk Radio Ireland, based out of Dublin. Emma had previously seen one of my articles on Sudden Wealth Syndrome […]

Teaching Children the Value of Entrepreneurship, Part 2

As we discussed in my last post, kids can learn many valuable life lessons from their entrepreneurial activities. One PCM colleague—a national broadcast entrepreneur…

Teaching Children the Value of Entrepreneurship, Part 1

Skeptics might say we’re pushing kids into adulthood way too early, but it’s hard to argue with the life skills they can acquire through early entrepreneurship…

Eight Keys to a Happy, Prosperous Retirement

This is the time of year when I like to do a little reflecting about what went well in 2015, what didn’t go so well and what I’m thankful for. […]

Will Skyrocketing Healthcare Costs Derail My Retirement?

Sure, the cost of staying healthy is rising much faster than inflation. But, staying calm and working the numbers realistically can go a long way to keeping you on your […]

Marriage: A Financial Partnership

Marriage is more than a romantic relationship – it is a financial partnership between the couple. For better or worse, married couples must work together on their financial goals…

Financial Rx For Your Children

The value of a dollar may be the most important lesson we can teach our children. According to the Journal of Consumer Affairs, nearly 3 out of 4 Americans between […]

Don’t Let Your Finances Affect Your Love

Any new relationship has finance issues that need to be dealt with. Many couples make some of these common mistakes that can be easily avoided. As the founder and president […]