Comprehensive Wealth Management

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Comprehensive Wealth Management

Comprehensive Wealth Management is the core strategy in blending your personal life with our signature expertise to aid you in the accomplishment of your most profound desires and goals.

Investment Consulting
+ Advanced Planning
+ Relationship Management

Investment Consulting

At PCM, we manage and integrate all of the financial aspects of life to maximize the probability of clients achieving all that is important to them.

•Portfolio performance analysis
•Risk evaluation
•Asset allocation
•Assessment of impact of costs
•Assessment of impact of taxes
•Investment policy statement

Advanced Planning

At PCM, our advanced planning services encompass the following activities:
Wealth Enhancement: tax mitigation and cash flow planning
Wealth Transfer: transferring wealth effectively - both within and outside of the family
Wealth Protection: risk mitigation, legal structures and transferring risk to an insurance company
Charitable Giving: maximizing charitable impact

Relationship Management

PCM has a partnership style agreement with each client. Our goal is to ensure that the client's priorities remain our primary focus as their lives change. In addition, we have regular and ongoing discussions and meetings committed to delivering advice and a sounding board to their family.



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